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Japanese Food at Nihonbashi tei

Posted on September 16th, 2014 by Kristel

All this time I thought I already blogged about Nihonbashi Tei, only because it has been so long since I first checked this place out. It is seldom that I would even take photos of the food I eat whenever I visit. But after a long while of not eating there, I had to look for ideas on what to order so I visited my blog for reference. Lo and behold, I could not find an entry. Hehe. Hay, must be because my brain is all over the place these days.

Anyway, this Japanese establishment along Pasay Road serves reasonable priced delicious food, especially relative to restaurants in Little Tokyo. And, they have all sorts of Japanese food available (I can’t recall if they have okonomiyaki though), may it be ramen, takoyaki, katsu, teppanyaki, etc.

Anyhow, I am just going to do a quick rundown on the food which are usually ordered.

Okonomiyaki is usually ordered for snacks. Nihonbashitei’s version is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, served hot. A good appetizer to order, especially if you are really hungry.

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Fusion Food at Franco’s

Posted on September 14th, 2014 by Kristel

I am always out to try establishments I have not before and so when my best friend asked me where I wanted to have dinner in Powerplant, it was a toss-up between 8-cuts (which he tried already) and Franco’s (which he had not). And so to be fair, we ended up dining here.

Truth be told, I cannot understand the theme of the restaurant. From what I gathered, most of the food were Filipino, with a mix of Spanish (gambas, salpicao) and American (burgers, pizza, sandwiches, steaks, pasta) maybe. Anyway, what I read about the good food to eat in this place is the binagoongan. Of course we had to try other dishes as well since we were there already.

We started off with some soups, pumpkin (Php 120) and french onion (Php 160) were ordered. I like soup especially when I am hungry or cold, or both. In this case, I was sick, therefore, was cold. The good thing about it was that my sense of taste did not leave me so I had the appetite to eat. Anyway, the pumpkin soup is highly recommended, very tasteful and quite thick. It was one of the best pumpkin soups I have tried. The french onion did not disappoint either. I loved how generous the establishment was with the cheese. The soup tasted a bit sweet and salty, just how french onion soups are supposed to taste.

Pumpkin Soup (Php 120)

French Onion Soup (Php 160)

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Kare-kare at Pino Resto Bar

Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Kristel

Pino Resto Bar has been on my to-try list for so long because of what I heard is delicious from this place which happens to be my favorite Filipino dish: the Kare-kare. Tucked along the quiet part of Jupiter Street in Makati, is this establishment alongside a vegetarian and a burger joint, all of which are by the same owners.

And so we were ushered into an almost empty establishment, probably because it was a week night and raining. We ordered the following:

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Cap off at Refinery

Posted on August 28th, 2014 by Kristel

When we were deciding on where to go for a night cap, we were hesitant about Refinery because we just wanted to try a new place which was not exactly a beer/wine kind of place. And as I was reading reviews, I could not make what Refinery really was. But we read good reviews on the salted caramel latte, we decided to just give it a go.

And I am glad we did. I would describe the ambiance as rustic, with all the wood that made up the place with great ambient lighting. It was a good place to relax, I say. And so I ordered their salted caramel latte (Php 140 – hot; Php 160 – iced). I had mine hot since we were seated inside (I would’ve ordered the iced if we were outside) because I was cold. Smile

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Pork Buns at Tim Ho Wan

Posted on August 25th, 2014 by Kristel

New restaurants keep on sprouting here and there around the metro, a lot of them are international franchises. That certainly is not a bad thing for someone who loves to eat, except that people seem to be willing to line-up to the latest buzz there is. One of these restaurants is Tim Ho Wan, which is a Michelin star awardee (for their branch in Mong Kok) from Hong Kong.

So the journey began when we noticed how long the line was, quite intimidating if you ask me so I had to ask the people from the restaurant how long will it take for us to get a table. We were informed it will take around 30-45minutes to get seated, so we just threw caution to the wind and hoped for the best. The good thing about it was that the turn-over in this establishment was pretty quick so the line was not as painful as I had anticipated it to be.

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