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This is it. This will be my blog’s home. I opted to choose a shorter name than my previous blog. There are still some tweaks that I am currently doing but this is where I will be posting my entries from now on. I hope you can follow my stories about my craziness and time-to-time adventures.

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Call the Nurse when you are at B&B

Posted on April 13th, 2014 by Kristel

Burgers are not exactly my top of mind when it comes to ordering food, especially when there are other options. But for some reason, I have grown such an interest in trying out so many varieties of burgers due to peer pressure (yes, my friends love burgers). And with that, I started liking burgers too. I have been reading about Burgers and Brewskies for some time now, thus the curiosity.

So we were thinking of a place to have dinner which was still open for at around 10pm. I thought about this place and later found ourselves driving to that direction. We ordered the following:

Potato Wedges (Php 95) which came with spiced mustard aioli that made the dip taste like garlic. What made this a really good appetizer was how it was cooked crunchy on the outside and soft inside. It was served hot which was great.

Cloud (Php 230) – this burger came with balsamic glazed shitake mushrooms, figs, cheese sauces and roasted garlic aioli. The beef patty was tender and did not crumble. The hint of sweet taste with a bit of sour flavor blended well with the garlic flavor from aioli and neutralized by the cheese sauce. It was quite a combination as there were too many flavors that surprisingly blended quite well.

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Pizza Volante

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by Kristel

Experiencing a different side of Baguio became such a thrill for me. I used to just spend the day in a nook with my laptop opened, blogging, and just taking in the cool wind which was completely satisfying. I did not know though that there were so much must-try restaurants in the city that I was not able to because of the location. Pizza Volante was one of them.

As soon as our things were settled in the room, since it was late in the afternoon and haven’t had lunch yet, we were off to look for food. Along Session Road is this establishment that was surprisingly busy even if it was around 4pm, we even had a hard time looking for a table causing us to reach the top floor to get seated.

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Eggs Ben Burger at Filling Station

Posted on March 20th, 2014 by Kristel

Looking for places to eat at midnight can be quite challenging in the city, especially if one has grown tired of eating McDonald’s food items. Having around 10 minutes to research on where to eat close to midnight was even more difficult and so I turned to searching the net to check which establishments are still open.

The feedback in general that people gave regarding the Filling Station was that they have really good tasting burgers. I was a bit hesitant of the area thus I chose Borough over this but then decided later on to give Filling Station a try.

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Custom-Made Pizza at Project Pie!

Posted on March 16th, 2014 by Kristel

At around 3pm, one would think that a food establishment will be empty. Granted, this might not be the case for pizza places but I did not expect that at the middle of afternoon, there would be a line. So, I guess word of mouth indeed is quite powerful as I have heard a lot of things about Project Pie. And the fact that it is a make-your-own concept all the more made it intriguing for me. Imagine, your pizza containing only ingredients of your choice! Now that’s liberating! Haha.

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15 Before 30

Posted on March 6th, 2014 by Kristel

Getting through my own version of quarter life crisis was difficult. I guess it must be the feeling of being an existentialist in me that made the battle tough. Along the way I had made peace with myself, and have learned to let go of things I have absolutely no control over (I did not realize there were so many nor that this was far from being easy). In doing so, I have come up with a list of things I want to be able to accomplish by the time I turn 30, 7 years back.

Luckily, I still have a year to go. But, I absolutely won’t fuss over things I won’t be able to finish by then. So, in celebration of turning 29, I am publishing this list.

1. Learn pinyin. For the benefit of my non-Chinese loves, pinyin is Chinese’s way of making characters readable for the world (i.e. Latin alphabet). I learned how to read Chinese characters through the traditional Chinese alphabet and by sheer memory so when China began translating everything to Latin alphabet, I have no idea on how to pronounce the words properly nor what they were trying to mean. Haha. My siblings know how to though since it is now being taught in schools.

2. Ibiza party or relaxing Maldives. This might be a little out of date already since from what I hear, Ibiza is no longer the “it” place for partying (I have been hearing Reykjavik is the place to be now). But, I love the beach so I absolutely won’t mind to be able to witness the party scene in Ibiza (or even maybe Mallorca, hehe). Or, even before the islands in Maldives sink, I want to be able to experience its beauty.

3. Read and ride a wave on my own. I have been so spoiled when surfing because of a.) lack of consistency. I can’t, for the life of me, surf so often and b.) no upper body stamina. Well, this we all know how important is. Haha. Anyway, I can read the waves but it is about being able to chase it fast enough (read: PADDLE) to ride it. In any case, I always enjoy my time in the water, whether the waves are harsh or friendly. It doesn’t stop me from surfing over and over and over again.

4. Target shooting, archery, calligraphy and DJ lessons. Ah, too many things I want to try, so little time, so little resources and limited friends to do these with. Hahaha. Honestly, I do not know anyone who would be interested in any of the 4. Oh well, let’s see if any of these pan out.

5. Jump off a cliff. This was a prelude to my dream to actually go skydiving. For those who do not know, I am terrified of heights. It will take so much convincing for me to do activities which involves altitude. Being able to accomplish this to-do list was such a great deal for me (still is). It might be physically the bravest thing I have done. Ever. And one would think that after I have done this, I would get over this fear, no, I have not. Haha.

6. Number of countries visited to equal my age. This goal was accomplished when I was 26 which in my wildest dreams, I never would have thought would come true that early. I targeted by age 30 for this. But, being lucky, I guess I was blessed. I blogged about this too: Part 1 / Part 2. I think I am on my 32nd country now. I’m not entirely sure. Smile with tongue out

7. Visit Mindanao. I feel like I am lacking when it comes to going around my own country. This might be attributed to my yearly trip to Boracay therefore the time and money to be spent elsewhere become less. But, as luck would have it, my siblings were able to get a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the Philippines due to their flight being delayed to Boracay by Cebu Pacific. And so I saw an opportunity and have asked them to book Davao. I, on the other hand, had to spend for a full fare. Haha. Anyway, bottom line, this is off my list since I have visited Davao. I would love to go to Bukidnon and CDO though. Count in Siargao, of course.

8. Kiss in the rain. Yes, I know, this is influenced by too much rom-com flicks I have watched. But I don’t care. Haha. Yes, I admit to being a hopeless romantic. Judge me all you want but this is going to be here until such time when this happens. Smile with tongue out

9. Be at two places at the same time. This was influenced by the film A Walk to Remember (watch it, if you haven’t). I stepped on both Italy and Vatican.

10. Go to Palawan. As mentioned, roaming around my own country seems to be lacking on my end. So, here I am declaring that I have not set foot on any islands of Palawan. But, I expect to cross this out before the year ends. I am so excited for this to be honest. I am looking forward to spend the whole day exploring the waters.

11. Experience Sinulog or Masskara festival (or both). I still stand a chance to make this happen before I turn 30. Haha. Both are some of the biggest festivals which involve a lot of partying. Hopefully when I go to Cebu, I get to hop to Bantayan as well because I have not been. Bacolod is another exciting place to go back to, if only for the endless delicious food to devour. Let me know if you’re going, I want to go!

12. Scuba diving lessons. This has been on my list since I was in college. I do not know if it is the claustrophobic in me that is keeping me from giving this a go. But, I will surely try this given a chance. I have heard too many fascinating stories that the underwater is an entirely different world and I would like to witness that.

13. See a shooting star. In my 29 years of existence, I have never…seen…a shooting star. EVER. Being a city girl has its drawbacks, I know. Take me star gazing please!

14. Travel alone. I have managed to do this and realized that even if I am an introvert, I still find myself quite boring, especially spending 4 nights without speaking to anyone. Haha. I haven’t really blogged much about it except for my visit to Hello Kitty Café and TrickEye Museum. Oh, I almost forgot, I traveled alone to Korea. Smile with tongue out

15. Live alone or own a condo unit. This I am hoping to be able to do before this year ends because I have been itching to do this since I am in high school. Yes, I have watched too much movies or TV shows which had girl power as a theme to crave for my independence from a young age. Haha. I am crossing my fingers for this.

There are a couple more included in the list but they were either way outdated or not for public consumption. Hahaha. I used to want to go to graduate school before I turn 30 but I have read so many articles about the ROI of such which did not seem to be a wise investment after all, except of course for knowledge that I’ll gain and connections that I’ll build.

Oh well, here’s to an exciting year ahead. Smile Feeling truly grateful for all the things I am blessed with. Smile Thanks to all the people who exerted effort to greet me and make me feel special. Open-mouthed smile

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